Our 2015 Altostratus Pinot Noir is beginning to enter its ideal drinking years. We’ve heard it’s emerging as one of the best BC Pinot Noir available, according to respected wine palates.

Premium BC Pinot Noir, the Altostratus by Black Cloud
Altostratus – one of the best Pinot Noir in BC.

In our short 11 years of making Pinot Noir, we’ve found that our wines seem to be best when they’re between the 4 and 7 year bracket. With some exceptions, of course.

The 2015 Altostratus is big. It’s not your average BC Pinot Noir. The colour is dark, the structure is assertive and the complex of fruit and secondary flavours is in perfect harmony.

The 2015 is our current release. We ship free to any Canadian province on orders over $100. To get your order in, just follow this link. https://blackcloud.ca/index.php/product/2015-altostratus/

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